How to Impress Yourself
Saturday, August 20, 2011 1:03 AM | Written by your name 0 comments

I strive to impress myself. This means setting my appearance, communication style and goals towards what I see as being ideal. This doesn’t mean I ignore all the first impressions and marketing advice. It just means that my main goal is to impress myself and let other people think what they want.
Although this is a freeing mindset, it isn’t easy to accomplish. I’m certainly not perfect and it takes a lot of discipline to keep yourself focused on your ideal self-image, not the immediate reactions of other people. It’s often easier to take a short cut and just follow the opinions of other people than it is to have integrity.
Whenever I see myself focusing too much on impressiveness, I try to turn that focus inwards. Instead of going to the gym to look better for other people, I go to be strong, healthy and look good for myself. Turning those motivations inwards helps you ignore the shallow feedback from other people and focus on your deeper drives.
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